• Program Developmentstructure analysisDevelopment of security programs designed to protect people, property and information.Every organization has unique security needs based on their business, operating environment and the threats/risks against which they must defend their operations. Through an analysis of that information, and an understanding of organizational security objectives, an effective and efficient security program can be developed, consistent with organizational culture.
  • Risk/Vulnerability Assessmentsrisk/vulerability assessmentsIdentification of risks and vulnerabilities faced by organizations, and development of risk mitigation strategies.Are you confident you:
    • have correctly identified the key security risks facing your organization?
    • understand your vulnerabilities and the most effective and efficient methods for mitigating them.

    If not, our analysis will let you understand your risks and vulnerabilities, and how to best control them.

  • Policies, Standards, Procedurespolicies, standards and proceduresDevelopment/evaluation of policies, standards and procedures guiding the organization’s security efforts.Do your security guidance documents:
    • provide appropriate direction for security within the organization?
    • ensure security-related processes are correct, effective, consistent and repeatable?

    If not, we can help determine where you need to be and how to get there.

  • Organization Structure Analysisstructure analysisEvaluation of organizational structure (including staffing and skill sets) of security functions to ensure they are adequate to meet the organization’s security objectives.Are you comfortable your security function is providing services:
    • that are truly value-added and contributing to the bottom-line?
    • in a manner that effectively mitigates your risks?

    If you are not sure, our analysis will either confirm you are on the right track or provide the path forward.

  • Program Analysis/Evaluationprogram analysis and evaluationAnalysis of security programs or program sub-components (e.g., physical security, information protection, guard operations, investigations, use of technology, etc.) to evaluate effectiveness and efficiency.Do you have confidence the various elements of your security program:
    • have valid, clear objectives?
    • are designed and implemented in a manner that assures program objectives can be met?
    • are value-added and contribute to the bottom-line?

    If not, call us. We can help.

  • Virtual Security Directorvirtual security directorPart-time, highly experienced and professional security program guidance for organizations that do not need a full-time security director on staff and that prefer to manage the function as a variable cost with no headcount commitment.Every organization wants a high-caliber security program, but only the largest organizations can afford a full-time security director to develop and lead one. The Virtual Security Director service provides the best of both worlds: a high-caliber program